Fast-Acting Pain Relief

If you've been suffering from joint pain, soreness, arthritis, sprains, etc. find the relief you need, fast with Transderm-iQ.

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Easy Application

Transderm-iQ's one-step approach application process makes it easy to spot target the source of pain without the mess!

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Talk to your doctor

Transderm-iQ is available with a prescription through your physician’s office. Click here for resources to help you and your doctor decide if Transderm-iQ® is right for you.

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About Transderm-iQ

The Transderm-iQ line of products was formulated in an effort to provide fast, long lasting relief from pain and inflammation caused by both every-day nuisances such as sprains, bruises and aches, to more severe pain caused by arthritis, Fibromyalgia, injury, etc.

The hands-free, ointment applicator helps to distribute the ointment evenly and consistently without the mess!

Unlike other patches that have multiple adhesives and steps for application, Transderm-iQ Patches are a one-step process for fast, soothing relief to the affected area. Simply peel off the back of the medicated patch and apply.

Transderm-iQ is the safe alternative to opiate or oral pain medications, which can often be difficult for some to ingest or potentially lead to addiction/abuse. 

Ointment and Patches

Where to purchase Transderm-iQ

Transderm-iQ is distributed exclusively by DirectRx to practicing pharmacies and physicians. Learn more about the additional services and products offered through DirectRx.