Transderm-iQ Topical Pain Relief Ointment


Transderm-iQ should only be used as directed by a healthcare professional. Before each use, be sure to shake well to ensure even distribution of all active ingredients.

Unscrew the applicator top and remove the safety seal from the head of the tube. Replace the applicator top and ensure that it is secure before use. Remove the protective cap. With the applicator facing upward, squeeze the tube gently until a small, dime-sized amount of ointment is visible on the applicator surface.
Use applicator to apply ointment onto the affected area. You can gently squeeze the tube for additional ointment release as proper dosage indicates. Do not use the applicator to massage ointment into the skin and refrain from vigorous application which may further irritate the affected area.Use as needed for fast, soothing relief of pain, but do not apply Transderm-iQ more than four times per day.

You may also apply Transderm-iQ by hand, especially in cases where the applicator cannot reach a specific target area. Once you are finished applying the ointment, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after every use.

Transderm-iQ is absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes so be sure to avoid contact with the eyes, nasal cavity, genitals, and other such areas where absorption can occur. If eye contact occurs, attempt to rinse them thoroughly with cold water and contact your doctor as soon as possible.
3 Transderm-iQ Ointment tubes
Transderm-iQ Ointment tube


Adults 18 years and older or children 12 years and older:

  • Apply Transderm-iQ directly to the affected area
  • Product may be used as necessary but should not be used more than 4 times per day
  • Wash hands thoroughly immediately after application
  • Store at 67-77°F (19-25°C) - Avoid storage in direct sunlight

For external use only. 

  • Use only as directed. Read and follow all directions and warnings provided
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes
  • Do not use at the same time as other topical analgesics
  • Do not use on open wounds, cuts, damaged or infected skin
  • Do not use with bandages or heating pads
  • Do not use in a hot tub, sauna or spa
  • Do not use if the safety seal has been tampered with

Prior to use, ask a doctor:

  • If you are currently or plan to become pregnant
  • If you are currently breast-feeding
  • If you have sensitive skin
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in Transderm-iQ
  • If you are currently taking any anti-coagulant medications

Stop use and ask a doctor if:

  • Pain conditions worsen
  • Symptoms persist for more than 7 days, or clear up, but then re-appear again within a few days

If swallowed or ingested:

  • Seek immediate medical assistance or contact a Poison Control Center right away